Reproductive Rights Action

In East London are based some brilliant feminist projects like Feminist Fightback. One of the things that make them get physical together is for Reproductive Rights Actions that means stopping extremist religious people from going to abortion clinics and yell to women and men who is going inside.

You can find there rrriot music and parents dancing with kids in front of the churches where extremist religious groups meet to go yell and shame people in abortion clinics are, music is the feminist gun.

Father and his child. Father is   holding a activist placard. – Credit: Marta Guerreiro       
Feminist person making noise, in the background is a religious figure being hold by the church’s group. – Credit: Marta Guerreiro
An activist playing flute and a religious figure in the background. – Credit:  Marta Guerreiro
Feminist speaking with the Church’s                   responsible while he is praying.                             – Credit: Marta Guerreiro
Family dancing while a Policeman is staring them. – Credit: Marta Guerreiro